Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Couple of Requests

As many of you know, I am the author of a book for the Introduction to Proofs course.  My book is Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof.  I have made this book available to download for free using a Creative Commons License.  You can download the book at the website for the book.  A soft cover version of this book can also be purchased for less than $20 at

Request #1
Advertising is one of the difficulties with an open-source book.  There are websites that give lists of free textbooks, but there is usually no information from users of the book.  So my request to those of you who have used (or are using) the book to send me a short quote about the book or a longer review of the book.  I would like to include these quotes and reviews on the website for the book.  You can make the quote or or review as a response to this post or you can send it to me at  If you do so, please include your name and affiliation so that I can include that with the quote or review.  If you prefer to have it be anonymous, just tell me so and I will post it that way.

Request #2
I would like to have the website for the book be a place where people can go to obtain or discover resources for the book.  This is already done on the website but besides the link to screencasts for the book, I have written all of the resources that are available on the website.  So I would like you to send me copies of resources that you have developed and are willing to share.  You may send these to me at  I will create a resources page associated with the website and include things (with credit) from other people.  Again, please let me know your name and affiliation so that I can give you proper credit.

I am hoping that the addition of these resources will make the website for the book better and more importantly, will make the textbook for useful for instructors and students.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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