Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flipped Classroom Documents

In a few of my recent posts, I have made reference to using a flipped classroom model for teaching the introduction to proofs course.  To get a sense of what this means, following are links to some documents I use.  These documents were intended for use in class on Wednesday August 28 for a 2-hour session.

  • Study Guide (distributed on Monday August 26).
  • Quiz (taken at the start of class on Wednesday August 28).
  • Classroom Problems (Students worked on these in class in groups of 3 students on Wednesday August 28).

As you can see, the study guide includes a list of the screencasts that are relevant to Section 1.2.  Students are expected to use the text and these screencasts and come to class prepared to work on the problems.  The quiz is generally a simple quiz that mainly tests to see if the students have picked up the information presented in the text and screencasts.  As you consider what happened in class, please keep in mind that my section of the course meets two times a week for 100-minute class sessions.

When the quiz was completed, we will spent a few minutes discussing the quiz and had some time for questions about the section.  The students then worked in groups of 3 on the problems while I circulated around the room checking on their progress and responding to questions.  Toward the end of class, I will had each team turn in their work on one of the problems.  I will basically grade them on a done or not done basis.  We then had about 15 minutes left to respond to questions and perhaps set the stage for the next class.

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