Friday, January 10, 2014

Open Source Textbook Session at the Joint Meetings

I certainly have not been active with this blog the past couple of months.  I guess other things just go in the way and I let it slide.  The only reason for this post is to inform those that are attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, that I will be give a presentation at the contributed papers session on Open Source Textbooks in Mathematics.  My session will be on Friday January 17 at 10:00 am.  I do not know the location yet.

For those interested in open source textbooks, this should be an interesting session.  The complete list of presentations is:

Friday Jan 17, 2014 (08:00-11:00)

08:00   To Make Free Or Not to Make Free---That is the Question.
            John Wesley Cain*

08:20   If you love something, (how to) set it free.
            Matt Boelkins*

08:40   Open Textbooks and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis.
            Nicole Allen*

09:00   Experiences from Publishing Open Source Textbooks.
            Thomas W Judson*
            Robert Beezer

09:20   A do-it-yourself guide to print on demand publishing.
            Richard Hammack*

09:40   A Collaborative Model for Open-Source Textbook Writing.
            Gregory Hartman*
            Troy Siemers

10:00   Be a Socialist and a Bit of a Capitalist.
            Ted Sundstrom*

10:20   Groups and Fields in Open Text Authoring.
            Jim Hefferon*

10:40   Avoid ``Imperial Entanglements'' and Other Advice from two Open-source
            Jeff Zeager*

Friday Jan 17, 2014 (15:20-17:20)
15:00   How to write LaTeX that can be converted to various formats.
            David W. Farmer*

15:20   You say tomato and I say tomato...
            Joe Fields*

15:40   Accessibility and Open Source.
            D Scott Dillery*

16:00   Open online homework and courses to support open textbooks.
            David Lippman*

16:20   OER blended model.
            Nathan Friess*
            Claude Laflamme
            Robert Woodrow

16:40   What a Difference 30 Years Makes!  Adventures in Mathematics Textbook

            Ken Levasseur*

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